LiBRARYSOFT Features (4)

Some of the great features included with LiBRARYSOFTWeB.

Catalog, Circulation, OPAC (searching),MARC, Serials, Scheduling, BookStore, Labels, Reports, Inventory, Options, Administration plus Optional Web Components OPACinternet and LiBRARYSOFTWeB Self-Circ. We also include LiBRARYSOFTWeB Server for a single library at no charge.
Patrons can Search can using OPAC on their machine or Kids OPAC for younger School Children or they can Search Online by accessing OPACinternet from our Servers or Yours (we host a copy at no charge as part of Customer Support).
Network as many computers as necessary at no extra charge. For Internet access we include the OPACinternet Module which can be used allow access to patrons from across a network or from across the Internet.
LiBRARYSOFT has some amazing features such as 1.Visual Trees that allow Patrons to search by a Visual Hierarchy of Subjects. 2.LiBRARY MaP to let you Patrons search and see where an item is in the Library. 3. TextStore that allows you to store the searchable contents of an entire book. 4. Extra Subjects fields to store qualitative, quantitative evaluations along with related websites. 5. Automatic record acquisition via AutoFill. 6. Reading Level entry. And a Report Generator.

LiBRARYSOFTWeB Features (7)

Some of the great features included with LiBRARYSOFTWeB.

The Modules include Catalog, Circulation, MARC, Scheduling, Serials, Reports, Labels plus our WebOPAC module OPACinterent. For completeness we include LiBRARYSOFT and AutoCataloguing so that you have Web and Client Server Versions.
Patrons can place Holds, Renew items and search using a Browser.
Easily manage multiple libraries from your Server, or have us do it for you.
Enter library information in Arabic, Chinese, French, Ukrainian and other languages in any screen.
Use all the Standard Reports plus Custom Reports created from LiBRARYSOFT Users. Similarly standard labels as well as customized labels are available.
Scan the ISBN and retrieve data automatically including the image of the book cover, even scan and retrieve DVD data automatically.
Allow Patrons to Book items online so all they need to do is come in and pick up the resource.